Who is Navterra and what do you do?

Navterra is an export distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories from the US. We have unique agreements with auction companies, parts & accessory manufacturers and distributors and specialty vehicle companies that offer overseas dealers an unmatched range of products. Our ImportGuard Process protects these products against damages and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. Navterra is comprised of three business units: Used Cars, Specialty Vehicles and Parts.

What differentiates Navterra from other North American vehicle and parts exporters?

Navterra understands that there are plenty of wholesalers, traders and auction companies offering vehicles, parts and accessories from North America. However, none of these entities is a full service provider that offers the level of transparency, quality controls, value-added services and guarantee that Navterra does.

From offices in San Francisco, New York and Stockholm we control the entire process of sourcing, transporting, reconditioning and exporting vehicles from the US. In Europe, Navterra can assist with importing and homologation.

Our parts and accessories team is located within the New York harbor so they can quickly source and ship parts & accessories anywhere in the world. Our freight rates are among the best of any size company because we negotiated high volume and heavy cargo freight rates with international couriers.

Control over the entire process is at the core of The Navterra Way, and provides the highest level of customer service that no other company can match.


Why register?

Becoming a Navterra registered dealer grants you access to our online used vehicle auction website that contains thousands of off-lease, rental return and wholesale vehicles from America’s leading financial, leasing and dealer institutions. There are CarFax™ vehicle history reports, a vehicle tracking system and special offers. In addition, you will have access to our online Parts & Accessories website. This system is a complete web shop where you can look up and order parts online 24/7/365.

How do I become a Navterra registered dealer?

Registering is easy and free! Simply click “Register” on, fill in the requested information, read the Terms of Use and hit “Submit.” A Navterra representative will review and activate your account within 48 hours.

If you would prefer to speak to a Navterra representative directly, feel free to contact us:

Telephone – USA Headquarters: +1 248 876 4004
Telephone – European office: +46 8-410 056 23

Why do I need to be a registered dealer?

Navterra is a B2B company which has agreements with various auctions, dealers and finance companies that prohibit us from selling vehicles to retail customers or within the United States. In addition, there are international wire transfer regulations that we need to comply with.

Are there any registration fees?

No. Navterra does not charge our dealers a fee to access our system.

I am a U.S. dealer/wholesaler. Can I become a registered Navterra dealer?

Navterra has been organized to work with dealers located in countries outside of the USA. As such, Navterra only sells vehicles for export. Thank you for your understanding!

Buying Vehicles

How do I place a Bid?

Auctions typically open with a minimum bid amount called the Current Bid. The Current Bid price is set by the Seller (leasing, rental, auction company, etc.).

To place a bid simply click the “Bid Now” button on the Vehicle Listing Details screen. This will direct you to a Bid Confirmation screen where you will confirm your Bid amount. Once you place your Bid the system will automatically take care of the rest. The Bid Amount is the highest price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Note: The Bid Amount does not include any additional fees or transportation costs.

The following is a guide on how to place bids and purchase vehicles on via Navterra’s online auctions

Definition of Terms
  • Seller – the company that sells a vehicle through the auction. For example: finance companies, leasing companies and dealers.
  • Current Bid – the opening price, or the current bid amount. All bids must be higher than this amount.
  • Bid Amount – the price you are willing to pay for a specific vehicle.
  • Bid Increment – an amount by which a bid will automatically be increased if another dealer outbids you. For example: $100.

Due to time zone differences, Navterra strongly encourages you to place the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle, because you are bidding against other dealers in the U.S. that are monitoring the auctions in real time. There is no risk in placing a high maximum bid amount because no other dealers will be able to see it and if the bidding stops at a lower price your purchase price will be lower, as well.

Each bid you place enters you into a binding contract. If you win an auction, you are obligated to complete the purchase transaction.

In an international transaction there are a number of different costs involved in the purchase. The following is a list of costs that are associated with every auction vehicle purchase:

  • Cost of the Vehicle
  • Auction fees (sliding scale based on purchase price)
  • Navterra administration fee
  • Inland transportation to the U.S. port in New Jersey
  • Ocean freight including insurance

If you are the winning bidder, Navterra will email you all key vehicle details (VIN, Year, Make, Model and Mileage) and total price to your designated foreign port as well as an invoice and payment instructions.

Where can I monitor my current bids?

Active auctions can be viewed under the “My Navterra” tab on the web site. Simply click on the “My bids” link and all of your active bids will be displayed. From this screen you can also increase your bid if another dealer has outbid you.

What does Navterra require to secure a transaction?

Navterra requires security on all vehicle transactions, and offers dealers a choice of three (3) options to secure a vehicle purchase:

  • Establish a Deposit Reserve Account
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Guarantee/Letter of Credit
Deposit Reserve Account Upon becoming a Navterra Registered Dealer, a $5,000 deposit will be sent to Navterra. This money will be held in a Reserve Account that will sit in the background and can be used for all transactions. Navterra will only draw down on this account in the case of order cancellation or non-performance of a transaction.

Credit Card Deposit If a dealer does not want to utilize the Deposit Reserve Account, Navterra will hold a credit card on file. The credit card will be charged $2,000 immediately upon successful completion of a transaction.

Bank Guarantee/Letter of Credit Navterra works with bank guarantees and letters of credit. Navterra will provide letter of credit instructions and template upon request.

What if I cannot find a specific vehicle on your website?

Contact us by phone, email or through the “Request a Vehicle” form on our web site to request a specific vehicle. Once our purchasing team locates the vehicle, it is then integrated into our process just like any other vehicle purchase.

What international time zone is displayed on the Vehicle Listing screen?

Auctions are listed in a “Time Remaining” format based on your local time zone.

When do auctions begin and end?

Auctions end at 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time. Inventory listings are refreshed with vehicles shortly after 21:00 GMT on a daily basis.

Can I cancel a winning bid or other vehicle purchase?

No. You enter into a binding contract when you bid on a vehicle and are obligated to complete the purchase transaction.

Do vehicles purchased through Navterra have a manufacturer warranty?

No. Manufacturers will only honor the warranty (if any remains at the time of purchase) in the market where the vehicle was originally sold – the United States. However, Navterra can make arrangements to repair vehicles under warranty in the U.S. if warranty items are found during our inspection process (see Value Added Services section below).

Which countries can Navterra sell to?

Due to trade regulations, Navterra can sell vehicles and parts/accessories to any country except the following:
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria


What currency does Navterra do business in?

All vehicle and parts & accessory prices are displayed in United States Dollar (USD). However, Navterra can accept payment in Euros, Swedish Krona and Mexican Pesos.

How do I pay?

Upon completion of a successful bid you will receive an email from Navterra with an invoice that includes all key vehicle details (VIN, Year, Make, Model, and Mileage), total price to your designated foreign port and payment instructions.

How will I be invoiced for reconditioning/repair work done in the United States?

Navterra will send you a separate invoice for any repairs and/or accessories that you authorize us to complete at our designated facility in the U.S.

When is payment due?

Payment is due no later than one (1) business day from the receipt of Navterra’s invoice.

Is there a late payment penalty?

A late payment penalty fee of $15 USD per day will be applied to your account.

ImportGuard Process

What is Navterra’s ImportGuard Process?

Navterra’s ImportGuard Process is a rigorous 5-step quality control protocol that guarantees each Navterra vehicle arrives at its destination in the condition as documented prior to export. It is designed to virtually eliminate the risk of buying used vehicles from the U.S. The following is an in-depth description of each step in the protocol. Please refer to our detailed description of the ImportGuard process by clicking here.

Value-added Services

Does Navterra offer European homologation services?

Yes! Through cooperation with various homologation centers in Europe, Navterra can assist with homologation of most vehicles. This work typically includes vehicle modifications, test reports and registration documents. Please contact your European Navterra representative for more information.

Telephone: +1 415 860 8106

Can Navterra install vehicle accessories in the U.S. prior to shipment?

Navterra routinely installs leather seat kits, heated seat kits, aftermarket wheel and tire packages and pickup truck bedliners – just to name a few. Please contact your Navterra representative for more information on accessory availability and pricing. Invoicing for accessory installation will be separate from your vehicle purchase.

Can Navterra perform warranty repairs on vehicles prior to shipment from the USA?

Yes. If our Inspection B identifies any repairs that are still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty terms, Navterra can send the vehicle out to the local dealer to have them repaired. There is a $250 cost for transporting the vehicle to the dealer and back.