At its core, Navterra is a reflection of our passion for cars and the car business. We were born into automotive families, grew up surrounded by cars and car people and have worked in every automotive sector possible: retail, wholesale, finance, import and export. We race cars, attend auto shows and buy and restore a couple of cars here and there for our own enjoyment. Simply, there is no other business we would rather be in!

We combined our vast experience in each of these sectors and created Navterra utilizing the best practices of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and finance companies. The result is a process that ensures you will receive the highest quality cars and parts, in a timely manner with the least amount of trouble.

We know that sustainable business relationships are only possible when they’re built on trust. There are many big and little philosophies that we use every day to do the right thing for our clients, but we consider the following to be the most important:

  • Relationships with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers are built on trust and transparency.
  • Do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Mistakes happen. We admit them and quickly resolve them.
  • Continuously improve our processes and products.
  • Control all aspects of the export process in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • SIMPLE. Strive to make a complex process simple to work with.
No other supplier offers the level of transparency, value-added services and guarantees that Navterra does. We invite you to explore our company by registering here.